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CST Interior Designer is a full-service interior design firm that designs homes and commercials spaces from concept to completion all over the Indonesia. Our mission was a length process, one with many unexpected detours. We wanted to be fully immersed in this interior's world and found that we had very sensitive reactions to each space and subjects, It was emotional and visceral, a journey to finding the peoples and the materials we would work in together and for client's satisfaction's matters. Actually our mission is simple, straight to the point, which is served the good performance for our jobs and relayed it to my clients.

Our design service include the floor plan development, interior drawings, custom cabinetry, finishes and selections : through furniture, window treatments, styling and turn keys installation.


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Project Management

First of all our vision is always have passion about exploring the needs of places or rooms, called apartment, home, office, show house, gathering place and so on, as a comfort one. Then we set out  with a singular mission : finding home. It means we want to inspiring peoples to style this translated design into their homes. Our approach was not to prescribe or champion a particular aesthetic, it was purely about telling a beautiful story about how we translated thoughts and choices to make. And our team also have the project management skills ready to communicate those ideas with tradespeople visually and over email, calls, and Face time.

Our Team will manage the project requirements from warehousing all the items, directing handymen, and even stuffing the pillows, our experienced design team makes sure all the pieces of your home are pulled together. We want you to walk into your freshly designed space and feel instantly satisfied!

Brain Storming

Very interesting when we first meet prospective clients, our team will make a list of the requirements and get a lot of basic information about the project. Brain stroming at the first meeting is very important and also fun. From here our team will summerize a design theme for the next step.

Design and Built

We assist clients to choose the contractor or other suppliers, according to our RAB line. Also the selection of materials and colors from the contractor, preparation of work schedule at the project location and monitoring the final installation. We can assist our client in choosing other soft furnishings. Our team will control the progress of the work until it reaches 100%.


After setting the built-in furniture and others, we will guard the preparation of loose furniture or soft furnishings that are purchased separately. Our team will decorate and arrange all of the furnitures and accessories to reach the 100% final.

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